The Horn. St Albans This Saturday 9th July

Tomorrow we head to St. Albans. Herts for our gig at The Horn.
The Horn was one of the first gigs Are You Experienced? played, and as such it’s always nice to go back.
I still remember when we played a gig there and slept on the stage as we were off to play a in Belgium the next day.
After the gig we turned on the charm and asked the manager if there was any chance we could stay over?
After promising we would not touch anything behind the bar, the manager, who’s name we will not divulge for obvious reasons, went and got bedding for us from upstairs as the owner was away.
Morning came and we went on our way to catch the ferry for our gig in Belgium….. it was only when unloading the van after returning home that we noticed we had extra bedding!!

Realising it must have belonged to The Horn we called the manager who immediately went into a panic saying she would lose her job when the owner came back as he would know someone had stayed over.
Not to worry as Kev said he would drive all the way down to St. Albans to return the bedding before the owner came back.
I think Kev got some extra Brownie points that day.

Needless to say this is a secret and to this day the owner has no clue that Are You Experienced? slept on the stage at The Horn all those years ago!
So! Mum’s The word. 🙂
John, Kev & Mark.