Southport Rockers Reunited Live Music Weekend

First of all apologies for the lack of updates recently.

I have to get myself into the habit of letting you know what the band have been up to.

There’s nothing more draining for a band than hours and hours of travelling to get to gigs! It’s something we all have to do but becomes very stressful when you arrive late.

Saturday we played Southport at The Rockers Reunited live music weekend. Our stage time was 4.30pm and with many other bands appearing it was important to stick to the given time.

So leaving Birmingham at 12.45pm to get to Southport for 3.30 pm seemed more than reasonable…right? Wrong!

The M6 was at a standstill with roadworks….panic set in when the Satnav informed us our ETA was 4.05 pm. Mmm! unload the van, set the gear up, get changed and on stage in 25 minutes wasn’t going to happen.

Fortunately, we arrived at 3.55pm and with the crew ready to get our gear unloaded it was looking like we might just make it….that was when the keys decided they wouldn’t unlock the van doors.

Arrrgh! 5 minutes later we managed to get the doors open then it was all hands on deck. We virtually had no time at all, equipment out of the cases and loaded on to stage, changed and on to the stage 5 mins late.

Yep! All fun and games, but we went on to have a great gig. 🙂