The Nags Head, Nuneaton | 23rd May 2004

I live locally to the Nags, and I was blissfully unaware that “Are You Experienced?” were playing on the Sunday. A mate of mine had previously seen you, saying you were the closest thing you were ever likely to get to Jimi Hendrix and his music. Now, I’m only 20 years old, but have been a big fan of the man himself for a few years. My first thought (stupidly) was, “Is this tribute gonna be any good, and is it worth the £6 entry fee”?

On arrival at the Nags, I headed straight for the bar, and who else to do I see standing next to me, “It’s Jimi Hendrix! No, u fool, he’s been dead a few years. Hang on, it must be the front man for “AYE”!! This was a good sign, I knew now, John had “the look”.

I waited patiently for half an hour, and then it began! The Experience sprang onto the stage, brimming with confidence. Then, after a few moments, John rips out the opening chords of (I think) Spanish Castle Magic?! Wow, is all I can say. From the start to the end the crowd were treated to a real taste of what the music of Hendrix was all about. With such songs as Machine Gun, Stone Free, Red House and not forgetting the classics featuring Voodoo Child, Purple Haze and Star Spangled Banner! There was even time for a request of Freedom from yours truly, which incidentally is also my favourite Hendrix number. (Well pleased)!!

John is a true showman on stage, giving u the complete Hendrix package. But, every band needs a work- horse drummer and an immaculate bass line, Kevin and Mark certainly provided that…..and then some! Superb!

Once I’d recovered from the Tinitus-ly loud music, and seeing John set fire to his guitar, I had time to reflect on what was a truly amazing tribute to the greatest guitarist who ever lived. And what I can now say as “The closest thing that we can ever be to The Jimi Hendrix Experience”.

Thanks guys for a wonderful evening and I hope to see you at the Nags again in the near future. Oh, and when you do come back to the Nags would it be possible to ask for a rendition of Driving South?

Peace and happiness.

Luke Phillips