The Jimi Hendrix Record Guide | 24th May 2004

All Along The Watchtower, Are You Experienced?, Red House, Little Wing, Stone Free, Axis: Bold As Love, Star Spangled Banner, Voodoo Chile (Slight Return), Johnny B. Goode, Foxy Lady.  This English tribute band really know their Hendrix.

They are fronted by Hendrix impersonator John Campbell who is a very capable and convincing guitarist. He stays very close to Jimi’s solos but with clever personal touches here and there (the intro to “Watchtower” for example).

Campbell vocals are little deeper than Jimi’s but that doesn’t deaden the impact of the interpretations. It must be great fun to see them live as they really have got their sound together.

James Hawthorn, The Jimi Hendrix Record Guide