The Boisdale, Canary Wharf | 11th May 2012

Almost seven years had passed since my brother-in-law Al and myself journeyed to watch “Are You Experienced?”. The venue that night was a cold, disused room in an American Themed Complex right on my doorstep in Romford. This place has now been completely revamped although has lost a lot of it’s character and authenticity. Have the “Experience” suffered the same fate?

Well the venue, The Boisdale bar and restaurant in Canary Wharf, was a place I never thought I’d see a rock band in. Plush, expensive, exquisite were words that came to mind. Nonetheless we paid our £15 to stand at the bar and prepared ourselves for a nights entertainment.

As the band started, the Maître d’ asked us to move to the back of the bar as others behind couldn’t see! Yeah right as if we were going to do that. After much arguing the Maître d’ finally offered us a spare table. “Where is it?” I asked. “At the Front” he said “Lovely” said I “We’ll take it!”

Well, that was the last piece of unpleasantness of the evening as John and the boys unleashed a stunning performance full of Hendrix classics. “Foxy Lady”, Purple Haze”, “Fire”, “The Star Spangled Banner/God Save the Queen”, “Crosstown Traffic” to name but a few. “Foxy lady” was particularly impressive as John was joined by a number of Foxy Ladies on stage – and we had a fantastic view!

I have to say these boys have got better with age. Their musical talents have no boundaries, their knowledge of how the original “Experience” played is spot on and, without sounding patronising, are really top top blokes

If you get the chance to see them live don’t miss the opportunity. I’m already counting the days until the September gig at the Troubador!

Long Live Rock! Long Live Jimi Hendrix! Long Live John Campbell!

Mick Champness