Rhodes Rock 2010

Are You Experienced?

Wow! I mean wow! John Campbell’s set was a revelation. I need to set the scene here first. I had run into John a number of times before seeing him play. In the town and at Socrates bar etc. Had several conversations with him. Hardly understood a word of what he was saying! Sorry John, I will have to brush up on my Brummie for next year.

But when he took the stage, I could just about imagine what Jimi might have been like live. It wasn’t that he looked and sounded like Hendrix, it was more the natural command he had of the stage and his instruments (voice & guitar). I was thoroughly impressed with his musicianship above everything else. That said, hearing Purple Haze, The Wind Cries Mary and Crosstown Traffic (or did he only play that at the beach party?) made for a great second set of the evening. And of course when the ladies of Rhodes Rock (and one dubious looking ‘lady’) took the stage for Foxy Lady, the set was complete.

Highlight: What do you think! Foxy Lady! Duh.

Darren Redick, Planet Rock