City Limits, Romford | 16th September 2005

It was with great anticipation that approached my local American themed bar on a cool Friday night in September. Having only been 8 years old when ‘The Master’ passed away, I never dreamed that I’d have the opportunity to listen to the great mans music live. But what would it be like – how could it compare. Well, there is only one Hendrix but I shouldn’t have worried. The power trio that is ‘Are You Experienced?’ seriously rocked the joint. Apart from not being left handed (sorry man
– my only criticism), John and the guys were awesome. This was just like being transported back to the late 60’s, being in some cramped smokey jazz club listened to the world’s greatest rock guitarist. Opening the act with ‘Hear My Train A’Coming’ set the scene and the classics kept
coming – ‘Stone Free’, ‘Voodoo Chile’, ‘Little Wing’, ‘Watchtower’, a superb bluesy version of ‘Red House’ and they even managed the ‘Star Spangled Banner’. And as for my cry for ‘Crosstown Traffic’ – the boys even delivered that! If only the guys could incorporate Hendrix’s version of ‘Sunshine of your Love’ my night would have been complete.

On top of the great music, all three guys are top blokes and stayed around chatting for ages. Superb. In my opinion they should be playing the Hammersmith Odeon! They were that good!!!

Rock on guys and I can’t wait until you’re in town again……. ”

Mick Champness, Romford, Essex