Way back in 2007 we were approached after a gig by a man who wanted to book us for something called Rhodes Rock, a tribute band event to be held in Lindos Rhodes the following June 2008.
The idea was to get four top tributes to four legendary bands and sell the event as a “Rock holiday”
Are You Experienced? along with Letz Zep, Think Floyd and Limehouse Lizzy worked hard over the next five years to promote this Rock Holiday and get it firmly established with some 1500 regulars.
However once established Are You Experienced? found out that loyalty is not always appreciated. Our reward by the event organiser was to offer us fee reduced by 50% on what we had been getting with a virtual order to spend the full week “parting with the punters” as he like to put it.
I explained that for a 50% reduction in our fee would only be able to afford to fly out for the first welcome party gig that he wanted us to play, then fly home as soon as possible.
Being a very popular member of the Rhodes Rock family (His words not mine) he warned me that it would be a bad move to not participate for the full week.
I told him that was unacceptable and that we would not be appearing.
The promotor quickly blocked me off his group page and accused me of having a huge ego because I wouldn’t play the gig he wanted me too, failing to mention that the payment on offer had been halved!
He then led a full blown character attack on me telling all of his members that I had said I would cause nothing but trouble for him and the event! Lies,lies and damn lies!
This was in 2012. “Campbell and Are You Experienced? were finished” he declared to anyone stupid enough to listen to his rantings.

The promotor was kicked out of Lindos in 2013 by the Mayor who had seen enough of what his events had turned into, as Lindos is a family resort.
A lady named Lynn Fearn, a long time member of the Rhodes rock community who herself was, and is a victim of a hate campaign by the promotor and a few of his dwindling minions, decided to put on a small camping event with a band back in the UK back in 2012
With sheer determination and bloody mindedness Lynn Fearn has gone from strength to strength with weekend rock events being held all over the UK.
Fast forward to the present.
On June 17th 2017 Are You Experienced? flew out to play Lynn Fearn’s event in Lindos, Rhodes. “Lindos Rocks”
We played St Paul’s Bay to 650 Rockers Reunited members and the whole week was a huge success with punters and the bands.
Lynn Fearn has taken over from the previous promoter who has tried and failed to recreate the magic of his Lindos events in Spain. Not being a people person he failed to understand the key elements that made his early years in Lindos a success.
Karma has taken care of all everything and this year in Lindos there were more familiar faces from his previous events than i could have imagined.
All “Come back home to Lindos”.
Congratulations to Lynn Fearn, how she managed to organise Lindos Rock’s” i’ll never know, but I do know she will go on doing what she has promised. Putting people first and not money.
Roll on Lindos Rocks 2018.