The Admiral Nelson Festival. Braunstone

Well the sun’s shining today and that’s always a good sign for festivals.
We will shortly be on our way to play at The Admiral Nelson Festival. in Braustone for the second year running.
A great festival for all of the family set in a lovely location.
It will be good to shake theΒ  cobwebs off as we’ve not played for three weeks due to band holidays.
Bring it on.
John, Mark & Kev.

Leon Hendrix Tour

Leon Hendrix, the younger brother of Jimi Hendrix will be joining Are You Experienced?
for “The Leon Hendrix Golden Anniversary tour” this coming September.
The tour commemorates it being 50 years since Jimi Hendrix arrived in the UK.
For venue & booking details please go to our gigs page.
New Leon Poster.

The Horn. St. Albans. 9th July. 2016

It was nice to play one of our old haunts, The Horn, St. Albans on saturday, and though everytime we go back there has been some alterations to the decor/layout, one thing never changes. . . .
Bill “The Sound engineer.”… Well maybe even that’s not stricty true, as he now has a beard of
ZZ Top proportions.
It was also great to see our mate Andy Gray, guitarist with Letz Zep who came along to see us as Letz Zep were having a rare day off. Always a laugh when we catch up.
We stormed through a two hour & thirty minute set, which I think is a record, but I enjoyed every minute, and judging by the crowd reaction, so did they. lol
The Horn was our last gig for the next three weeks as we are taking band holiday and will be off in search of some sun. πŸ™‚
Next gig will be at The Admiral Nelson Festival. For ticket and band info please go to
John, Kev & Mark.
Post gig with our mate Andy Gray of Letz Zep.

The Horn. St Albans This Saturday 9th July

Tomorrow we head to St. Albans. Herts for our gig at The Horn.
The Horn was one of the first gigs Are You Experienced? played, and as such it’s always nice to go back.
I still remember when we played a gig there and slept on the stage as we were off to play a in Belgium the next day.
After the gig we turned on the charm and asked the manager if there was any chance we could stay over?
After promising we would not touch anything behind the bar, the manager, who’s name we will not divulge for obvious reasons, went and got bedding for us from upstairs as the owner was away.
Morning came and we went on our way to catch the ferry for our gig in Belgium….. it was only when unloading the van after returning home that we noticed we had extra bedding!!

Realising it must have belonged to The Horn we called the manager who immediately went into a panic saying she would lose her job when the owner came back as he would know someone had stayed over.
Not to worry as Kev said he would drive all the way down to St. Albans to return the bedding before the owner came back.
I think Kev got some extra Brownie points that day.

Needless to say this is a secret and to this day the owner has no clue that Are You Experienced? slept on the stage at The Horn all those years ago!
So! Mum’s The word. πŸ™‚
John, Kev & Mark.

The Key Theatre

So! On a wet n’ windy Saturday 2nd of July, we headed out to Peterborough to play our first gig for Sweeney Entertainments at The Key Theatre.

We arrived to find the staff most helpful, and they unloaded our gear while we directed them (helpfully of course) with what went where.

Sound check finished and we headed to the bar area cos it seemed the natural thing to do.
Now Mark being designated driver got off lightly with a pint of soda water while Kev and myself went for the Cornish cider!! I knew it was a mistake!Β  It tasted like something you put on your chips!

Back in the dressing room I poured myself a JD, only to find after one glug I had a bad case of heartburn! Sh&t! That Cornish cider! Mark came to the rescue and passed me the gaviscon, to Kev’s amusement. We often indulge in a fair bit of drug taking before and after a show with Cocadamol, Ibruprofen, Movelat ointment and maybe a bit of Tramadol depending on how seized up we are from sitting in a van for three hours. πŸ™‚


Hopefully that will explain this photo?

The show itself kicked off to an appreciative crowd that soon got into the spirit of things, after we battered them into submission.

During the interval I met some lovely folk who wasted no time in telling me what a great time they were having, and “Could you play Little Wing, Voodoo Chile etc.” All in all a very friendly lot. Also good to catch up with Jill & Julian, faces from way back in 2011 when we played over in Rhodes.

The second half was a lot more relaxed with some Foxy Ladies and a very young Isabel joining us onstage for… Foxy Lady. After Voodoo Chile closed the set we were gobsmacked to get a standing ovation! (Either that or everyone wanted to catch the last bus home?)

Back on for the guitar burning finale, Wild Thing and it was over… well apart from heading up to the merch stall and doing that photo thing with some more satisfied customers.

We just love meeting the folk that come along to our gigs and show us some luuuuurve.

See you soon.
John, Kev & Mark