Well, with the unprecedented arrival of the Covid Pandemic, all live music! ceased to exist!
You can imagine what this has done to live music now that we have been allowed to return.
Promotors, venues, and punters alike are dipping their toes into the water before committing themselves to either staging or visiting live gigs!
With the mainstream media continuing with their onslaught of fearmongering and negativity, it will take some time to build up confidence within the music business, which along with the hospitality trade, has suffered greatly after being largely ignored by the government!

But musicians are a hardy breed, we will continue the fight to get people out to the venues to enjoy live music.

It has been especially difficult after welcoming our new drummer Phil Carter who had only played a handful of dates when the lockdown hit us.
After eighteen months with only a live stream and one gig under our belts, we were back to square one.

A huge shot in the arm for us was opening The Isle of Wight Festival on September 16th 2021
We were proud to have opened it in 2010 to commemorate it being the 40 year anniversary that Jimi Hendrix played the festival and were pleased, to say the least when we were once again invited to open the festival in 2020 to mark the 50 year anniversary of Jimi playing it.
Well as we all know live music was shut down in 2020 so we assumed we had missed the boat.
However, John Giddings, and his wife Caroline fought tooth and nail to make the festival happen against all the odds.
We opened the festival in the Big Top and it was amazing after so long away to see thousands of eager music lovers swarm in.
A mention must also go to Laura, and Treacle from The Meyer Dancers who brought an authentic 60’s dance routine to Foxy Lady.

Gigs are slowly coming in now, and we hope to put a good run together with Phil, who is an amazing drummer and a great addition to the band.

Please, please support your local venues when they have live music.
Whilst a lot of bands play for sheer enjoyment, there are also bands like ourselves whose livelihood depends on you coming out to support and enjoy a great night out.

Remember as Flu season is upon us to take care of yourselves and help those who need a helping hand.
We’re living in strange times, but that doesn’t mean you have to lock yourself away!
Life is for living, let’s get on with it the best we can.
We hope to see you at a gig soon.

Jimi Hendrix.The true story by his brother Leon Hendrix Tour

Hi to all out there.
Unfortunately ill health has meant the band have been out of action for virtually the first five months of 2018.
Thankfully this was sorted, just in time for us to once again join Jimi’s younger brother Leon Hendrix on his tour.
The tour’s format was Leon being interviewed by a compare about his life with Jimi, then a question and answer section from the audience.
The second half started with us playing a selection of Jimi songs then Leon was invited on stage to join us for some of his favourites
It’s always memorable working with Leon as he’s such a character and doesn’t like sticking to formats.
If that wasn’t enough, during the tour we flew over to headline The Re Woodstock festival in Italy!
Still it was a great way to shake off the cobwebs and get into the groove once more.
Hopefully we will be playing somewhere close by to you soon.
John, Mark & Kev.

Jimi Hendrix Anniversary Gigs

We’ve been playing some gigs recently marking the anniversary of the release of Are you Experienced, Jimi Hendrix’s groundbreaking debut album 50 years ago.

It’s been great to see both young and not so young fans of Jimi’s music at these gigs and talk to those who actually attended some of his concerts way back in the day.

Another date worth a mention will be 29th May when we will be appearing in Spalding 50 years after what has now been called the first major pop festival in the UK featuring The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Pink Floyd, The Move to name but a few.

So for those of you who would like to celebrate with us please check out the gig page and we hope to see you out there.

Take care.

John, Mark & Kev.

Southport Rockers Reunited Live Music Weekend

First of all apologies for the lack of updates recently.

I have to get myself into the habit of letting you know what the band have been up to.

There’s nothing more draining for a band than hours and hours of travelling to get to gigs! It’s something we all have to do but becomes very stressful when you arrive late.

Saturday we played Southport at The Rockers Reunited live music weekend. Our stage time was 4.30pm and with many other bands appearing it was important to stick to the given time.

So leaving Birmingham at 12.45pm to get to Southport for 3.30 pm seemed more than reasonable…right? Wrong!

The M6 was at a standstill with roadworks….panic set in when the Satnav informed us our ETA was 4.05 pm. Mmm! unload the van, set the gear up, get changed and on stage in 25 minutes wasn’t going to happen.

Fortunately, we arrived at 3.55pm and with the crew ready to get our gear unloaded it was looking like we might just make it….that was when the keys decided they wouldn’t unlock the van doors.

Arrrgh! 5 minutes later we managed to get the doors open then it was all hands on deck. We virtually had no time at all, equipment out of the cases and loaded on to stage, changed and on to the stage 5 mins late.

Yep! All fun and games, but we went on to have a great gig. 🙂

Jimi Hendrix 50 Year Anniversary Celebrations

Hi to all out there.

Well after a break we hit the ground running and rolled into Darlington on Friday 3rd Feb to play The Forum.

This gig was exactly 50 years to the day that the Jimi Hendrix Experience played Darlington.

A sell out crowd helped us to blow away the cobwebs and enjoy, once again the timeless music of James Marshall Hendrix.

Even the fact that I was suffering slightly with a …err! stomach upset, to put it politely didn’t stop us storming through a well-received set, and it was once again really nice to meet up with our Darlo friends.

There will be more Hendrix anniversary gigs in the pipeline so please keep an eye on our gig page and we hope to see you out there.

Take care.

The End of 2016

Hi folks.

It’s been a bad year for losing some iconic musicians who have provided the soundtrack to our youth, but their memory lives on in the music they have left behind.Let’s hope Keith Richards keeps sticking his two fingers up at The Grim Reaper for a while to come yet.

Apologies for no updates on the last few gigs Castle Donnington, Putney Uxbridge and Leicester but thanks to all who attended. Our last gig of the year was at one of our fave venues. The Flowerpot, Derby. It was made extra special by the fact that so many of our friends turned up, and on a Boxing Day gig we really appreciated it.

We wish you all a safe, healthy & happy new year.

John, Mark & Kev.