Southport Rockers Reunited Live music weekend

First of all apologies for the lack of updates recently.
I have to get myself into the habit of letting you know what the band have been up to.
There’s nothing more draining for a band than hours and hours of travelling to get to gigs! It’s something we all have to do but becomes very stressful when you arrive late.
Saturday we played Southport at The Rockers Reunited live music weekend. Our stage time was 4.30pm and with many other bands appearing it was important to stick to the given time.
So leaving Birmingham at 12.45pm to get to Southport for 3.30 pm seemed more than reasonable…right? Wrong!
The M6 was at a standstill with roadworks….panic set in when the Sat nav informed us our ETA was 4.05 pm. Mmm! unload the van, set gear up, get changed and on stage in 25 minutes wasn’t going to happen.
Fortunately we arrived at 3.55pm and with the crew ready to get our gear unloaded it was looking like we might just make it….that was when the keys decided they would’nt unlock the van doors.
Arrrgh! 5 minutes later we managed to get the doors open then it was all hands on deck.
We virtually had no time at all, equipment out of the cases and loaded on to stage,changed and on to the stage 5 mins late.
Yep! All fun and games, but we went on to have a great gig.

Jimi Hendrix 50 year anniversary celebrations.

Hi to all out there.
Well after a break we hit the ground runnibg and rolled into Darlington on friday 3rd Feb to play The Forum.
This gig was exactly 50 years to the day that the Jimi Hendrix Experience played Darlington,
A sell out crowd helped us to blow away the cobwebs and enjoy, once again the timeless music of James Marshall Hendrix.
Even the fact that I was suffering slightly with a …err! stomach upset, to put it politely didn’t stop us storming through a well recieved set, and it was once again really nice to meet up with our Darlo friends.
There will be more Hendrix anniversary gigs in the pipeline so please keep an eye on our gig page and we hope to see you out there.
Take care.

The end of 2016

Hi folks.
It’s ben a bad year for losing some iconic musicians who have provided the soundtrack to our youth, but their memory lives on in the music they have left behind.
Let’s hope Keith Richards keeps sticking his two fingers up at The Grim Reaper for a while to come yet.
Apologies for no updates on the last few gigs Castle Donnington, Putney Uxbridge and Leicester  but thanks to all who attended.
Our last gig of the year was at one of our fave venues. The Flowerpot, Derby.
It was made extra special by the fact that so many of our friends turned up, and on a Boxing Day gig we really appreciated it.
We wish you all a safe, healthy & happy new year.
John, Mark & Kev.

The Castle Inn. Castle Donnington

After an enforced break in our schedule due to unforseen circumstances we played The Castle Inn. Castle Doninigton last night for the first time.
Though Kev’s Sat nav took us to some remote village a few mile away we managed to find it in the end. (Mental note – Sat navs can be wrong!!)
This is a relatively new venue having only been opened 12 months, but we had great and appreciative crowd who made us welcome and the venue provided us with a nice meal as an added bonus.
We look forward to playing one of our fave venues next Sunday 27th November @ The Half Moon, Putney where we will be celebrating the birthday of Jim Hendrix.
Hope to see you there.
John, Kev & Mark.

The Leon Hendrix Golden Anniversary Tour. Featuring Are You Experienced?

Well now that things are getting back to normal, (whatever that means?)  on behalf of Leon Hendrix and Are You Experienced? I would like to thank everyone that came along to the gigs for their support.
It certainly was an experience hanging out with Leon, who stayed with us at The Campbell residence, and listening to the stories about him and Jimi growing up.
I would have to say that the highlight of the tour had to be playing The Scotch of St. James. London exactly 50 years to the day when Jimi Hendrix played the same venue just a matter of hours after stepping off the plane when he arrived in the UK. and having Jimi’s younger brother Leon Hendrix along side you to mark the occassion was the icing on the cake.
There are more plans in the pipeline regarding Are You Experienced? and Leon Hendrix and as soon as anything is finalised I will put the word out.

I would also like to thank Joe Blanks for standing in on drums for part of the tour, and doing such a great job while Kevin was in Italy celebrating his wife Stella’s 50th birthday. ( So I guess we can forgive him for that. Lol)

The Tour turned out to be a lot of hard work for me personally as the original tour was cancelled due to circumstances outside of my control, but once I managed to speak to Leon he expressed his wish to come over and play with Are You Experienced? and asked if I could salvage any dates?
So! again thanks to the venues that stuck with it, as after cancelling a date it’s not particularly easy to state that the date is now not cancelled!!
But after the dust settled I can say that it was worth it in the end…..just don’t ask me to do it again! :-/
John, Kev & Mark.
.2741 3000 xxxxxxxxx

The Leon Hendrix Anniversary Tour.

Second gig of the tour with Leon was at The Brudenell club , Leeds.
Once again Leon had the crowd hanging on his every word as he told stories behind some of Jimi’s songs before we played them. This is a rare insight to what inspired Jimi to write certain songs.
An enthusiastic audience had the chance to have their photos taken with Leon after the show and chat about what Jimi Hendrix meant to them.
Only two dates into the tour but it’s already apparent that Jimi fans are hungry for any new insights into the guitar legends life, and who better to find out from than his closest living relative Leon Hendrix?
Leon, John, Kev & Mark.